Specialized Equipment for Inline Speed Skating: Frames, Wheels, and Boots

Inline Speed Skating Gear

Inline speed skating is a high-speed racing sport that requires specialized equipment. This includes boots, frames, and wheels that are optimized for high speed and endurance.

The frame is a lightweight structure that holds the wheels. Its stiffness is an important factor in acceleration and turning performance. Frames may flex, but too much flex limits acceleration and top speed.


The frame is the component that holds the wheels and connects to the boots. The frames vary in size and material and can have a significant impact on the quality, stability, and performance of a skate. They can be rigid for maximum power transfer or flexible to optimize maneuverability.

The ideal frame length depends on foot size and wheel size. A shorter frame offers more maneuverability, but may not be as stable as a longer one. Frames can also be light or heavy, depending on the amount of flex and stiffness desired.

Most aggressive inline skates are mounted with the UFS (Universal Frame System) mounting standard. This means that the wheels are 165 mm apart. This allows for more control and maneuverability because the wheels are closer together. However, there are some frames that are designed to use a 195mm mount. This is mostly used in freeskating and speed skating. These can be difficult to find in stores but can be ordered online.


The wheels are a crucial component to the skates. They can make the difference between feeling comfortable and unstable, between being fast and being slow. Wheels are categorized by their hardness (durometer) and quality, with higher quality wheels offering better road grip. They also may be characterized by the rebound of the rubber, which is important for some skating styles (but not all). This characteristic is often indicated by abbreviations like HR (high rebound), SHR (super high rebound) and HT (very high rebound).

The hardness of a wheel has a direct influence on its speed, since harder wheels have a smaller contact surface, which reduces friction. Moreover, harder wheels absorb vibrations much less efficiently than softer ones. Higher quality wheels are sometimes constructed with a double layer, with a softer strip of urethane beneath the outer one. This increases the rebound. Polyurethane does degrade over time, though, and even the best wheels lose their performance after a certain period of use.


The boots, or shoes as they are called by speed skaters, are the key component of the inline speed skating gear. The best boots are designed to be sleek and have a tight fit for efficient energy transfer. They are typically made of leather or carbon fiberglass composites and many of them will be heat moldable to give a custom feel.

The Bont Jet is the most popular inline speed skate boot for coaches and skaters all over the world. It’s an extremely lightweight boot with a unidirectional carbon base and a Durolite outer skin. It also uses Bont’s famous epoxy resin that is heat moldable. The padding is a harder neoprene that is a bit more aerodynamic than the soft padding on other speed boots.

The Vanilla Empire is a beautiful speed inline skate that features a carbon shell, a light frame, and 110mm wheels. It is heat moldable and fits like a glove. Please make sure to follow the Vanilla heat molding instructions carefully.


Compared to recreational skates, inline speed boots (or race boots) are lower in height and have less padding. This helps to generate power by keeping the foot close to the wheels. These specialized shoes are also stiff, often requiring heat-molding to provide a snug fit and to minimize foot movement that can slow you down.

The upper part of the shoe is usually made from leather or carbon fiber composites, while the base, called a shell sole, is mainly glass or carbon. The shape of the shell sole and the material used determines the inline speed skater’s control, giving them the ability to “read” the road surface.

The Bont Jet Skates are a popular choice among speed skaters, offering the comfort of a cross-trainer with the performance of a high-end racing boot. Other excellent options include the Vanilla Empire skates, which are heat moldable and offer a lightweight frame with four 110mm wheels.

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1. What is “nba중계”?
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2. How can one access live NBA games in South Korea?
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3. Are live NBA games available with Korean commentary?
– Yes, some platforms provide live NBA games with Korean commentary for local audiences.

4. Can viewers outside South Korea access “nba중계” services?
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Factors Affecting Inline Skating Speed

Inline Skating Speed Factors

Inline skating speed can vary greatly depending on several factors. To skate faster, it helps to have strong legs and great skating technique. Also, large-diameter wheels help to boost your speed.

Competitive inline speed skating is an exciting and challenging sport. It requires specialized equipment including boots, frames and wheels.


The frame connects your wheels to your boots and is one of the most important factors in skating speed. Frames are available in different lengths and styles, but they are usually made from either aluminum or carbon fiber.

The stiffness of the frame also affects speed and power transfer. The more a frame flexes, the less power it can transfer, so very stiff frames are favored by heavier skaters.

The 2pt (two-point) mount is the most common frame type, found on recreational inline and recreational fitness skates. These frames link to the boot with two mounting points, which are usually 165 mm apart. 3pt mounts, found on freestyle and aggressive inline skates, feature three mounting points. These work exclusively with Bont inline boots and boost stiffness, which improves power transfer. These frames are typically made from 7050 aluminum, which is heat treated and artificially aged for rigidity. This increases the frame strength and allows it to take a lot of abuse.


When you skate at a high speed, it’s not enough to just push off and let your feet glide. You need to support your weight so you don’t lose control. That’s where the boot comes in.

Inline speed (or race) boots are much lower than regular inline skate shoes and often require heat-molding for a comfortable, snug fit. They’re also stiffer to maximize power transfer. Bont’s Semi-Race skate is a good example of an inline speed skate with a racing boot.

The current world record for 20 km, 30 km and 50 km in inline speed skating was taken by Annie Lambrechts of Belgium in 1985.

Inline speed skating races are held on a variety of indoor and outdoor tracks, including ice, concrete, plastic and velodromes. Laps are measured on these oval-shaped tracks and points are awarded to the first, second and third skaters to cross the finish line at certain specified laps during a race.


Wheel size determines how fast the skate can go. Speed skaters often use bigger wheels – for example, 125mm. Larger wheels require good skating technique to be effective, but once a skater has the skills, they can go much faster than on smaller wheels.

The wheels are usually hard with a bullet like profile so only a small portion of the wheel contacts the ground at any time. The harder a wheel is the more it will last, but the hard wheels make for a rough ride and give less grip on a skating surface.

The wheel hardness is described by the durometer that is stamped on the wheel. The higher the durometer the harder the wheel. Durometer selection is usually based on the skater’s weight and the environment the skater will be skating in. Durometers below 80A are typically used for indoor inline hockey and freestyle slalom. Durometers above 80A are generally suited for fitness, speed, race and power blading.


Inline skating speed depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include the skater’s skill, the type of wheels, and the terrain. In addition, the skater’s weight and balance play a role. The best inline skaters have excellent balance and are able to maneuver quickly.

In sprint races, inline speed skaters use short strides to reach top speeds. They can achieve a top speed of around 50 kilometers per hour.

The 100-meter sprint race is a popular event in inline racing. It is a fast-paced race, and the winners are usually determined by photo finishes.

Inline speed skaters can also compete in long track events, which are longer in distance. This type of racing takes place on an oval-shaped rink called a patinodrome. This rink is typically made of concrete and measures 200 meters in length. This type of skating is popular in Europe and has become an Olympic sport. The competitions are highly tactical, and the athletes jostle for a favourable position on the tracks.

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Enhance Your Inline Speed Skating with the Right Gear

Inline Speed Skating Clothes From Bont

Inline speed skating is a great way to add variety and challenge to your roller derby training. It also provides a great opportunity to use different muscles, which can help prevent injury.

A good body posture is essential for inline speed skating. A slightly crouched position helps you to push off the ground more powerfully and reduces air resistance.


Shop this apparel collection from Bont to compliment your long track or short track racing skates. From full one-piece racing skin suits to compression tights and jackets, this apparel will help you push your limits for faster speeds on the ice.

Bodysuits have a similar look to dance leotards, so they work well with form-fitting bottoms like pants and skirts. Add a belt to keep the bodysuit flat and tucked in. Try a simple leather belt in a neutral color like black or brown, or pick a metal buckle for a more stylish look. Many bodysuits are designed based on bra size, so they’ll fit you well. They fasten with a snap and won’t ride up, even when worn over looser bottoms. Be sure to follow the washing instructions on the label to avoid damaging your bodysuit. Some may need to be hand washed, while others can be machine washed.


Leggings are close-fitting pants that cover the legs from the waist to the ankles. They are stretchy, comfortable and come in a wide range of colors and styles. They are often used by young women as part of their casual wardrobes. They can be worn with tunics, dresses and longer tops to create a stylish outfit.

The compression pressure provided by leggings can help increase blood flow, which can reduce muscle fatigue and enhance athletic performance. They are also available in a variety of materials to suit different types of activities. Some include nylon, which is a durable fabric that is wrinkle-free and lightweight.

Some leggings are also designed for skaters and have a high waist band, which can reduce the risk of chafing during long races. Others are made of a soft material that is ideal for use with delicate skin. Some are even OEKO-TEX certified. In addition to leggings, there are several other types of skaters’ clothing that can be used for racing, including padded shorts and full one-piece skinsuits.


Socks are often an overlooked part of footwear, but they do more for your feet than you might think. They provide padding and protection from impact & friction, keep your feet dry and comfortable and are also an excellent insulator in cold weather.

The most important factor for any skater is to find a pair of socks that fit well with their boots and are designed for skating. Beginner skaters are especially prone to blisters and discomfort, which can lead them to quit the sport prematurely. The right performance socks can prevent these issues and increase comfort, which ultimately leads to more skate time and better results.

Thinees offers an industry leading sock line that is specifically made for skating and other sports activities such as hockey, figure skating, and ringette. The vapor thin design and wicking action allow skaters to feel like they’re almost barefoot in their skates, but with the added comfort of cushioning and durability.


Protecting your head is a must for every skater. Speed skating helmets are usually built in such a way to follow the shape of a skater’s head. This is a difference from bike helmets which often have a pointed shape and may be dangerous when falling backwards.

The best speed skating helmets feature EPS foam, a polystyrene material, which is soft enough to absorb multiple low-force impacts yet dense enough to protect against single high impact blows. They are dual-certified to US CPSC and ASTM skate safety standards and offer a close fit with a comfortable, ventilated feel.

Moreover, they are well-ventilated with circular vents that pull fresh air over the skull and push stale air out, which allows for optimal head cooling. They are also lightweight and sleek, which helps achieve faster speeds. According to a research, the use of a helmet reduces the aerodynamic drag by 5.9% as compared to a bare head configuration.

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Maximizing Performance in Inline Speed Skating: The Key Elements to Success

Inline Speed Skating Apparel

Inline speed skating, also known as race skating, is a competitive sport that showcases athletes’ exceptional skill and speed. Both roller inline and short track speed skating require rigorous training to reach top speeds.

Inline speed skates are specialized, and they differ from recreational inline skates in several ways. Designed for high-speed racing, they feature low-cut boots that support the foot and ankle with maximum power transfer.


Speed skaters need to be able to travel through air with the least resistance possible. For this reason, they use equipment that is designed to help them cut through the air with ease. This includes apparel such as racing suits, helmets and shoes. They also undergo intense physical training to build strong thighs and calves, as well as follow a strict diet.

Inline speed skating is a specialized form of the roller sport discipline that involves racing on tracks. There are two main categories of inline speed skating: short track and long track. Short track speed skating features shorter event distances and emphasizes quick bursts of speed. Long track speed skating features longer event distances and requires endurance.

Speed skates are optimized for high speeds and long distances. They are typically low-cut and stiff. Many are heat moldable to create a custom fit. The best ones are made from carbon fiber composites and a variety of other materials to reduce weight.


Inline speed skating requires a strong lower body, especially the quads and calves. Professional skaters train hard to build and maintain these muscles while also balancing the upper body. They also adhere to a strict diet to keep their bodies lean and healthy.

Speed skating races are conducted at various distances on either indoor or outdoor tracks, known as patinodromes. Indoor events take place on plastic-coated floors while outdoor races are conducted on concrete oval-shaped tracks. Both indoor and outdoor skating events are contested in individual, team, and relay formats.

To help athletes achieve maximum stability, specialized shoes called inline speed skates are worn. These boots are close-fitting and made of leather, carbon fiber, or fiberglass composites. They are often heat moldable for a custom fit and are low-cut to allow extra ankle movement. Bont offers a pair of inline speed skates named Luna for those who don’t need the benefits of heat molding but still want to achieve a high level of performance.


Inline speed skating requires a high level of physical fitness. The athlete must follow a strict diet and training schedule to attain and maintain muscular endurance and a sturdy upper body.

The racing skin suit is designed to make the skater as comfortable as possible while increasing aerodynamics. Polymer coatings similar to those used on sails of racing sailboats are integrated into the skin suit to reduce friction between the limbs and torso. Venting in the back of the hamstrings allows hot air to escape and cool air to flow over the top of the body.

Speed skating boots are close-fitting and offer little padding to allow the ankles to move more freely. This can cause foot blisters, but can be alleviated by using neoprene ankle booties; double thin synthetic socks; re-molding the boots; sports tape; and improved technique. The frame should be well-balanced with the right amount of flex for control. Bont’s CXXV Red or Black frame is designed for professional racers and features just the right amount of flex to maximize control.


A professional inline speed skater is required to follow a rigorous training schedule. This includes intense physical training to build strong thighs and calves. They also need to maintain a strict diet. This helps them keep their weight in check and increase their performance.

The boot used for inline speed skating is close-fitting, with little or no padding. It is typically made from leather, carbon fiberglass composites or heat-moldable. It sits on an inline frame with wheels that are sized between 76mm and 125mm.

Bont BNT inline speed skating boots are a good choice for professional racers as they are lightweight and heat-moldable. The perfect flex control on the frame is a secret to a professional skater’s success as a stiff frame skips across the road, while one that is too soft feels mushy. The CXXV frame has the right amount of flex to provide maximum control. Other important accessories include helmets, knee and elbow pads. Double thin synthetic socks are also recommended.

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Techniques and Strategies for Success in Inline Speed Skating

Inline Speed Skating Technique

Inline speed skating is a thrilling sport that requires a high level of athleticism. Using efficient techniques and strategies are essential for success in this exciting sport.

Skaters should always practice and perfect their technique. This will help them achieve a faster speed and reduce the risk of injury.

A good body posture is also important for speed skaters. This position allows them to push off with more force and is more stable at high speeds.

Proper footwork and stride technique

Speed skating is a very intense sport that requires long training sessions and high levels of energy. It also involves a lot of repetitive movements, which is why it’s important to master proper footwork and stride technique. This will improve your efficiency and reduce the strain on your body.

The center of your body’s mass should be directly over your support leg (the one on the ground) and should not move laterally with the opposite leg. This movement can cause your feet to lose contact with the road and cause you to fall.

During a video coaching session with a student, Asha noticed that her student was over-pushing to the side. This caused a pronation on the inside edge of her support skate and prevented her from using the full potential of her stride. It’s important to develop the correct footwork and strike technique, as it will increase your speed and decrease the amount of effort that you have to expend.

Leaning forward

Speed skating requires a lot of stamina and strength. It is important to eat well and hydrate to stay fueled for optimal performance. It is also important to incorporate a regular exercise routine that includes strength training and cardio. This can help improve your strength and endurance, which is essential for inline speed skating.

Athletes begin races from a standing start, and the racer in the inner lane must give way to rivals on the outside lane. Failure to do so can result in a disqualification. In addition, the athletes must know how to navigate around other skaters and avoid colliding with them.

To achieve maximum speeds, it is necessary to lean forward and push off with the toes. The best way to do this is by bending your ankles and leaning into the balls of your feet. This will allow you to generate more power and accelerate faster. It will also improve your balance.

Pushing off with the toes

It is essential that skaters push off with their toes when they are speed skating. This is because it maximizes the stride and helps to generate more speed. In addition, it also makes the skater more stable and secure on the wheels. In addition, skaters should practice stride technique drills and maintain a low body position.

Inline speed skating is a great way to stay healthy and build relationships. It requires a lot of stamina and strength, so it is important to improve your cardiovascular endurance and do strength training exercises. In addition, it is a good idea to incorporate interval training into your exercise routine to increase speed and power.

Most skaters don’t realize that they are toe pushing while skating, even at the highest speeds. A good way to tell if you are toe pushing is by looking at your wheel wear, which should show that the front (toe) wheels have more wear than the back wheels.

Maintaining good body posture and positioning

A good skating posture helps to maximize the power of each stride and keep the skater stable. Ideally, the body should be in a crouched position to allow the skater to push off the ground with more force. This will also help to reduce the risk of injury.

Inline speed skating is an excellent workout and can improve overall health. It can also be a great way to socialize and build relationships. The sport is often practiced in teams, which can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and community.

To achieve maximum speed, skaters need to train properly and consistently. They should perform strength and stability exercises, as well as plyometric exercises to improve their balance and body control. Additionally, they should practice sprinting drills and hill climbs to increase their leg strength and endurance. Lastly, they should hydrate regularly to prevent dehydration. Drinking water and sports drinks containing electrolytes are the best options for hydration.

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Team Canada Prepares for Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2021

Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2021

After racking up five medals at last year’s World Championships, Team Canada is poised for a big season. But it won’t be easy.

Roller speed skating is an incredibly fast sport. The constant jostling for a favourable position and velodrome-like walls make for thrilling races that are often decided by photo finishes.

Freestyle Slalom Men

After winning all main events he took part in (PSWC, Roller Club Cup) Xiao Bing Cheng from Tpe is the new World Ndeg1 in Freestyle Slalom. He replaces Austrian Pedram Ranjbar who lost his position after 11 months on top of the ranking.

In Battle Women, Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) keeps her first rank, while Vasilisa Maslova and Daria Kuznetsova move to second and third positions.

In Speed Men, Pedram Ranjbar Vakili from Aut stays on the top of the ranking for another month. Lorenzo Guslandi from Ita moves up one rank, while Italians Valerio Degli Agostini and Enrico La Volpe won 1 ranks each to enter the TOP-20 on the 6th and 7th positions.

Freestyle Slalom Women

Zoe Granjon (Fra) keeps the first place of the Freestyle Classic Women world ranking, with Vasilisa Maslowa and Daria Kuznetsova behind. She is only one month away from equaling Chloe Seyres record of consecutive months being the world n.1.

In Battle Freestyle Women, Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) enters the top 20 on the 15th place after a good performance in Shanghai. In Men Battle freestyle slalom, Sergei Timchenko (Rus) is back on the top of the new world ranking, with Lorenzo Guslandi and Romain Lebois behind him.

Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (Aut) comes back on the top of the Speed Men world ranking after 11 months at the top!

Free Jump Women

After her Busto victory, Elisa Pacchetti (Ita) came directly to the top of the Women’s Free Jump World Ranking! Thanks to her result, Natalia Krykova lost 2 ranks and dropped to the second position. She needs one more month to equal Olga Fokina’s record of 22 consecutive months at the top.

In Speed Men, Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (Aut) is still leading the World Ranking and won two ranks this month. The best up is Nicolhas Yuki Santoni (Ita) who entered the TOP-10 on the 9th position (+11). In Classic Women, Zoe Granjon (Fra) continues to lead the World Ranking for the 4th month in a row.

Free Jump Men

In the Men Free Jump World Ranking, there is no change this month as it has been since October 2021, with French skater Alexandre Fantuz in the lead. He is in front of Italians Lorenzo Demuru and Matteo Pallazzi.

The best up in the top ten is Austrian Pedram Ranjbar Vakili, who gains 4 ranks to reach the rank n.9.

In the Speed Women category, Zoe Granjon remained in the first place, in front of 2 Polish sisters, Paulina and Ewelina Czapla. In Slides Women, Bohdana Hotsko (Ukr) kept her world number one status, a total of 23 consecutive months at the top, equalling Olga Fokina record.

Battle Men

Inline speed skating requires a rigorous training schedule and a strict diet to develop strong thighs and calves. However, it also requires a strong upper body to maintain balance. In addition, inline skaters must also be able to stop quickly and safely.

In the Men’s Battle World Ranking, Lorenzo Guslandi (Ita) regained the first position, replacing Sergei Timchenko (Rus) with 1100 points thanks to his victory in Namwon and Arnold Classic Europe. Nicolhas Yuki Santoni (Ita) lost 3 ranks and enters the TOP-20 on the 10th position. Vasilisa Maslowa (Blr) also gained some positions and entered the TOP-20 on the 17th place.

Battle Women

In these moderate-distance races, skaters compete to see who can reach the finish line first. This race format requires an intense training schedule to build and maintain strong legs and calves, along with a strict diet.

After Busto Battle and Zhongning International Skating Open some changes appeared in November World Ranking – we have four new world Ndeg1!

Valerio Degli Agostini (Ita) came back to the top of the Men’s Battle World Ranking, replacing Lorenzo Guslandi, who fell down to second place. Maxwell Santos (Bra) won 25 ranks and entered the TOP-20 on the 11th position.

Classic Women

Zoe Granjon (Fra) is still leading the Classic Women ranking. Ewelina Czapla (Pol) climbed up to the second position thanks to her victory in Barcelona’s Main Event. She was followed by the Russian current best speed slalomr, Valentina Pashkova. Elisa Paoli (Ita) entered the top 5 at the 4th place. Gomathi Berti and Elisa Scaglia also won ranks, and they are now at the 5th and 6th positions respectively.

In Free Jump, Zhu Muyuan (Esp) is the new World Ndeg1. Natalia Krykova (Rus) lost her rank as she’s close to the record of consecutive months at the first place that was set by Olga Fokina.

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The Thrilling Sport of Inline Speed Skating

What is Inline Speed Skating?

Inline speed skating is a roller sport in which competitors race on skates. It is also known as inline racing and speed skating, and it has been included in the World Games since 1981.

Points races are exciting to watch and often have a high number of skaters competing for top spots. To win, a skater needs to be strategic and think ahead.

It is a sport

Inline speed skating is a roller sport that evolved from racing on traditional roller skates. It is similar to ice speed skating, and many inline skaters also compete in ice speed skating. This sport requires a strong upper body and flexible thighs. It is also a great workout, and it produces endorphins, which can improve focus and boost concentration.

The wheels used in this sport are usually made of polyurethane and mounted on an aluminum frame. They have a durometer rating of 85A to 90A, which allows speed junkies to find their sweet spot. Choosing the right wheels can help you increase your speed and improve your technique.

Inline skaters often compete in distance races and criteriums. These events involve completing a number of laps in a specific amount of time. The racers who complete the most laps in the shortest amount of time win the event. There are also team events where each member skates for a set amount of time.

It is a competitive sport

Inline speed skating is a fast and exciting roller sports discipline. Inline skaters use specialized shoes and frames to reach high speeds. The sport can be contested both indoors on plastic-coated floors and outdoors on paved roads. Speed skating is best suited for those with excellent balance and strong leg strength. It requires a great deal of training and practice to achieve the fastest speeds.

In inline speed skating, turns are more difficult to execute than with quads. Competitive inline speed skates have more wheels and a longer wheelbase than recreational or aggressive skates, which require more force to turn. Speed skaters also have special wheels with a parabolic profile and sharper shape, which allows them to use less energy when leaned over in a turn.

The most common inline speed skating races are sprints, which focus on acceleration. Other popular racing formats include distance races, which can range from 5 km to 100 kilometers. In team events, skaters have pre-determined roles to play in the race. For example, one skater may be designated as the attack skater and speed up to weed out slower competitors.

It is a popular sport

Inline speed skating is a fast-paced sport that requires strength and endurance. It is also a great way to build up your body’s flexibility. Whether you are competing in a relay or individual event, there is no doubt that inline speed skating is a thrilling sport.

Inline racing varies in distance and is conducted on both indoor and outdoor tracks. Indoor tracks consist of plastic-coated floors and are more common in North America and Europe, while outdoor tracks are typically made of concrete and called patinodromes. Most races are short distances, but some are marathons or ultra-marathons.

During the race, skaters often form packs in order to save energy. This is done by matching their strides and making use of drafting. It is also important for skaters to have proper technique, which includes leaning forward and pushing off the ground with their toes. It is also important to maintain a steady pace and not to overdo it.

It is a physical activity

Inline speed skating is a high-intensity aerobic activity that can improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. It also burns calories and improves flexibility. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to incorporate inline speed skating into a regular exercise routine and follow a healthy diet. A high-protein diet is particularly important to help maintain strong calves and thighs.

Speed skaters often use stride technique drills to increase their power and improve their efficiency. These drills involve practising proper posture and body mechanics, which includes leaning forward, using an efficient stride, and maintaining a low centre of gravity. In addition, skaters should include core exercises and plyometric training in their workout.

Skaters can also train by performing intervals or completing a set number of laps. They can also use a strategy called drafting, in which they race alongside another skater to save energy by taking advantage of the slipstream. Then, they can take longer strides and accelerate faster.

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Speed Inline Skates: The Essentials for Skating Fast

Speed Inline Skates For Sale

Inline Speed Skates are designed for confident and experienced skaters who want to skate fast. They have bigger wheels and their frames are longer to reach high speeds.

The best speed skates for sale offer great performance at an affordable price. They include specialized boots, quality frames, race urethane wheels and a brake.


There are a few options available for the skater looking to purchase a new pair of speed inline skates. First and foremost, a high-quality boot is key. This means a tight fit, often times with the need for heat molding to obtain a correct and comfortable fit.

A lower cut ankle profile on the boots helps with this by allowing extra ankle movement while skating. This also makes it easier for the skater to build up pressure in a push-off.

POWERSLIDE Core Performance Red is an excellent, stylish and capable boot ready to bring young skaters to the podium. Designed with a lightweight combination of carbon and fiberglass hand-laid around memory foam, this boot provides excellent support. It is also super-heat moldable and a one-piece construction.


The frame is the most important part of a skate, it defines how a skate feels and what it is capable of. It is a key component for anyone wanting to compete in speed skating.

There are many types of frames, they can be made from plastic or metal. Aluminium frames can be extruded, casted, CNC machined or pressed from a thick sheet.

Frames for speed skates are designed to be light, strong and supportive. The stiffness of the frame is very important for speed skaters because it allows them to transfer power more efficiently and quickly. The length of the frame is also important because it affects how nimble and stable the skate is at high speeds. Most speed frames are longer than other skates to support larger wheel sizes.


We sell a wide range of wheels for speed inline skates from top manufacturers such as Riedell and Atom (Luigino). Wheels are often overlooked but they are the most important component for your skating. On average, your wheels last 500 kilometres or more, depending on the surface and whether you rotate them regularly.

The wheels are available in a variety of heights and durometers. A higher durometer number means a harder wheel that lasts longer but also gives a rougher ride and less grip on your skating surfaces.

We recommend you start with a lower wheel size and progress slowly to larger wheels until you have the technical and practical skills to handle a taller wheel setup. Ensure your frame can fit the wheels you select.


Bearings are small but crucial components that determine the smoothness and speed of your skates. When choosing your bearings, the first thing to consider is the ABEC rating—a system that gauges precision and tolerances. The higher the number, the better the quality. For leisurely skating, a lower-rated bearing may suffice; but for speed-hungry enthusiasts, look for ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings.

Aside from a bearing’s ABEC rating, other factors like materials and lubrication play a big role in your skating experience. Ceramic or titanium bearings, for example, are heat-resistant and handle heavy use and fast speeds more efficiently than standard steel bearings. Other options include oil, vaseline and gel bearings. For the best results, you need to keep your bearings clean and properly lubricated.


Skate accessories are not just functional, but also add to your skating experience. They include a range of training devices such as skate spinners, posture trainers and jumping ropes. They are designed to help you improve your balance and turn skills.

In 2021, Matter wheels took the inline speed world by storm – they use an additional, softer strip of urethane under the outer cover which dramatically increases rebound. It also allows for the wheel to maintain its hardness over time – a top-tier, high-rebound wheel that was purchased 20 years ago may still perform great today!

In 2011 POWERSLIDE launched Feline – inline skates made specifically for women. They are based on a female last and are engineered to better accommodate women’s feet.

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