Maximizing Performance in Inline Speed Skating: The Key Elements to Success

Inline Speed Skating Apparel

Inline speed skating, also known as race skating, is a competitive sport that showcases athletes’ exceptional skill and speed. Both roller inline and short track speed skating require rigorous training to reach top speeds.

Inline speed skates are specialized, and they differ from recreational inline skates in several ways. Designed for high-speed racing, they feature low-cut boots that support the foot and ankle with maximum power transfer.


Speed skaters need to be able to travel through air with the least resistance possible. For this reason, they use equipment that is designed to help them cut through the air with ease. This includes apparel such as racing suits, helmets and shoes. They also undergo intense physical training to build strong thighs and calves, as well as follow a strict diet.

Inline speed skating is a specialized form of the roller sport discipline that involves racing on tracks. There are two main categories of inline speed skating: short track and long track. Short track speed skating features shorter event distances and emphasizes quick bursts of speed. Long track speed skating features longer event distances and requires endurance.

Speed skates are optimized for high speeds and long distances. They are typically low-cut and stiff. Many are heat moldable to create a custom fit. The best ones are made from carbon fiber composites and a variety of other materials to reduce weight.


Inline speed skating requires a strong lower body, especially the quads and calves. Professional skaters train hard to build and maintain these muscles while also balancing the upper body. They also adhere to a strict diet to keep their bodies lean and healthy.

Speed skating races are conducted at various distances on either indoor or outdoor tracks, known as patinodromes. Indoor events take place on plastic-coated floors while outdoor races are conducted on concrete oval-shaped tracks. Both indoor and outdoor skating events are contested in individual, team, and relay formats.

To help athletes achieve maximum stability, specialized shoes called inline speed skates are worn. These boots are close-fitting and made of leather, carbon fiber, or fiberglass composites. They are often heat moldable for a custom fit and are low-cut to allow extra ankle movement. Bont offers a pair of inline speed skates named Luna for those who don’t need the benefits of heat molding but still want to achieve a high level of performance.


Inline speed skating requires a high level of physical fitness. The athlete must follow a strict diet and training schedule to attain and maintain muscular endurance and a sturdy upper body.

The racing skin suit is designed to make the skater as comfortable as possible while increasing aerodynamics. Polymer coatings similar to those used on sails of racing sailboats are integrated into the skin suit to reduce friction between the limbs and torso. Venting in the back of the hamstrings allows hot air to escape and cool air to flow over the top of the body.

Speed skating boots are close-fitting and offer little padding to allow the ankles to move more freely. This can cause foot blisters, but can be alleviated by using neoprene ankle booties; double thin synthetic socks; re-molding the boots; sports tape; and improved technique. The frame should be well-balanced with the right amount of flex for control. Bont’s CXXV Red or Black frame is designed for professional racers and features just the right amount of flex to maximize control.


A professional inline speed skater is required to follow a rigorous training schedule. This includes intense physical training to build strong thighs and calves. They also need to maintain a strict diet. This helps them keep their weight in check and increase their performance.

The boot used for inline speed skating is close-fitting, with little or no padding. It is typically made from leather, carbon fiberglass composites or heat-moldable. It sits on an inline frame with wheels that are sized between 76mm and 125mm.

Bont BNT inline speed skating boots are a good choice for professional racers as they are lightweight and heat-moldable. The perfect flex control on the frame is a secret to a professional skater’s success as a stiff frame skips across the road, while one that is too soft feels mushy. The CXXV frame has the right amount of flex to provide maximum control. Other important accessories include helmets, knee and elbow pads. Double thin synthetic socks are also recommended.

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