Speed Inline Skates: The Essentials for Skating Fast

Speed Inline Skates For Sale

Inline Speed Skates are designed for confident and experienced skaters who want to skate fast. They have bigger wheels and their frames are longer to reach high speeds.

The best speed skates for sale offer great performance at an affordable price. They include specialized boots, quality frames, race urethane wheels and a brake.


There are a few options available for the skater looking to purchase a new pair of speed inline skates. First and foremost, a high-quality boot is key. This means a tight fit, often times with the need for heat molding to obtain a correct and comfortable fit.

A lower cut ankle profile on the boots helps with this by allowing extra ankle movement while skating. This also makes it easier for the skater to build up pressure in a push-off.

POWERSLIDE Core Performance Red is an excellent, stylish and capable boot ready to bring young skaters to the podium. Designed with a lightweight combination of carbon and fiberglass hand-laid around memory foam, this boot provides excellent support. It is also super-heat moldable and a one-piece construction.


The frame is the most important part of a skate, it defines how a skate feels and what it is capable of. It is a key component for anyone wanting to compete in speed skating.

There are many types of frames, they can be made from plastic or metal. Aluminium frames can be extruded, casted, CNC machined or pressed from a thick sheet.

Frames for speed skates are designed to be light, strong and supportive. The stiffness of the frame is very important for speed skaters because it allows them to transfer power more efficiently and quickly. The length of the frame is also important because it affects how nimble and stable the skate is at high speeds. Most speed frames are longer than other skates to support larger wheel sizes.


We sell a wide range of wheels for speed inline skates from top manufacturers such as Riedell and Atom (Luigino). Wheels are often overlooked but they are the most important component for your skating. On average, your wheels last 500 kilometres or more, depending on the surface and whether you rotate them regularly.

The wheels are available in a variety of heights and durometers. A higher durometer number means a harder wheel that lasts longer but also gives a rougher ride and less grip on your skating surfaces.

We recommend you start with a lower wheel size and progress slowly to larger wheels until you have the technical and practical skills to handle a taller wheel setup. Ensure your frame can fit the wheels you select.


Bearings are small but crucial components that determine the smoothness and speed of your skates. When choosing your bearings, the first thing to consider is the ABEC rating—a system that gauges precision and tolerances. The higher the number, the better the quality. For leisurely skating, a lower-rated bearing may suffice; but for speed-hungry enthusiasts, look for ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings.

Aside from a bearing’s ABEC rating, other factors like materials and lubrication play a big role in your skating experience. Ceramic or titanium bearings, for example, are heat-resistant and handle heavy use and fast speeds more efficiently than standard steel bearings. Other options include oil, vaseline and gel bearings. For the best results, you need to keep your bearings clean and properly lubricated.


Skate accessories are not just functional, but also add to your skating experience. They include a range of training devices such as skate spinners, posture trainers and jumping ropes. They are designed to help you improve your balance and turn skills.

In 2021, Matter wheels took the inline speed world by storm – they use an additional, softer strip of urethane under the outer cover which dramatically increases rebound. It also allows for the wheel to maintain its hardness over time – a top-tier, high-rebound wheel that was purchased 20 years ago may still perform great today!

In 2011 POWERSLIDE launched Feline – inline skates made specifically for women. They are based on a female last and are engineered to better accommodate women’s feet.

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