Team Canada Prepares for Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2021

Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2021

After racking up five medals at last year’s World Championships, Team Canada is poised for a big season. But it won’t be easy.

Roller speed skating is an incredibly fast sport. The constant jostling for a favourable position and velodrome-like walls make for thrilling races that are often decided by photo finishes.

Freestyle Slalom Men

After winning all main events he took part in (PSWC, Roller Club Cup) Xiao Bing Cheng from Tpe is the new World Ndeg1 in Freestyle Slalom. He replaces Austrian Pedram Ranjbar who lost his position after 11 months on top of the ranking.

In Battle Women, Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) keeps her first rank, while Vasilisa Maslova and Daria Kuznetsova move to second and third positions.

In Speed Men, Pedram Ranjbar Vakili from Aut stays on the top of the ranking for another month. Lorenzo Guslandi from Ita moves up one rank, while Italians Valerio Degli Agostini and Enrico La Volpe won 1 ranks each to enter the TOP-20 on the 6th and 7th positions.

Freestyle Slalom Women

Zoe Granjon (Fra) keeps the first place of the Freestyle Classic Women world ranking, with Vasilisa Maslowa and Daria Kuznetsova behind. She is only one month away from equaling Chloe Seyres record of consecutive months being the world n.1.

In Battle Freestyle Women, Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) enters the top 20 on the 15th place after a good performance in Shanghai. In Men Battle freestyle slalom, Sergei Timchenko (Rus) is back on the top of the new world ranking, with Lorenzo Guslandi and Romain Lebois behind him.

Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (Aut) comes back on the top of the Speed Men world ranking after 11 months at the top!

Free Jump Women

After her Busto victory, Elisa Pacchetti (Ita) came directly to the top of the Women’s Free Jump World Ranking! Thanks to her result, Natalia Krykova lost 2 ranks and dropped to the second position. She needs one more month to equal Olga Fokina’s record of 22 consecutive months at the top.

In Speed Men, Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (Aut) is still leading the World Ranking and won two ranks this month. The best up is Nicolhas Yuki Santoni (Ita) who entered the TOP-10 on the 9th position (+11). In Classic Women, Zoe Granjon (Fra) continues to lead the World Ranking for the 4th month in a row.

Free Jump Men

In the Men Free Jump World Ranking, there is no change this month as it has been since October 2021, with French skater Alexandre Fantuz in the lead. He is in front of Italians Lorenzo Demuru and Matteo Pallazzi.

The best up in the top ten is Austrian Pedram Ranjbar Vakili, who gains 4 ranks to reach the rank n.9.

In the Speed Women category, Zoe Granjon remained in the first place, in front of 2 Polish sisters, Paulina and Ewelina Czapla. In Slides Women, Bohdana Hotsko (Ukr) kept her world number one status, a total of 23 consecutive months at the top, equalling Olga Fokina record.

Battle Men

Inline speed skating requires a rigorous training schedule and a strict diet to develop strong thighs and calves. However, it also requires a strong upper body to maintain balance. In addition, inline skaters must also be able to stop quickly and safely.

In the Men’s Battle World Ranking, Lorenzo Guslandi (Ita) regained the first position, replacing Sergei Timchenko (Rus) with 1100 points thanks to his victory in Namwon and Arnold Classic Europe. Nicolhas Yuki Santoni (Ita) lost 3 ranks and enters the TOP-20 on the 10th position. Vasilisa Maslowa (Blr) also gained some positions and entered the TOP-20 on the 17th place.

Battle Women

In these moderate-distance races, skaters compete to see who can reach the finish line first. This race format requires an intense training schedule to build and maintain strong legs and calves, along with a strict diet.

After Busto Battle and Zhongning International Skating Open some changes appeared in November World Ranking – we have four new world Ndeg1!

Valerio Degli Agostini (Ita) came back to the top of the Men’s Battle World Ranking, replacing Lorenzo Guslandi, who fell down to second place. Maxwell Santos (Bra) won 25 ranks and entered the TOP-20 on the 11th position.

Classic Women

Zoe Granjon (Fra) is still leading the Classic Women ranking. Ewelina Czapla (Pol) climbed up to the second position thanks to her victory in Barcelona’s Main Event. She was followed by the Russian current best speed slalomr, Valentina Pashkova. Elisa Paoli (Ita) entered the top 5 at the 4th place. Gomathi Berti and Elisa Scaglia also won ranks, and they are now at the 5th and 6th positions respectively.

In Free Jump, Zhu Muyuan (Esp) is the new World Ndeg1. Natalia Krykova (Rus) lost her rank as she’s close to the record of consecutive months at the first place that was set by Olga Fokina.

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